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BRAND NEW PODCAST! Listen to my journey on the Globetrotters Podcast Episode #20 Car Trouble from Canada to Argentina

Check out the:

How to Long-term Travel YouTube Channel videos below

for new videos each week highlighting different aspects of the long-term travel website as well as some fun travel tips, tricks, stories, and warnings...

Hope you enjoy!

Intro to How to Long-term Travel: Our Long-term Travel Story & Why We Started the Website

Long-term Travel vs Vacation! My Top 3 of the Good, the Bad, and the Cost Comparison

How to Long-term Travel: Vanlife vs Backpacking- 10 Considerations

Where to Go? Planning a Route, Timeline, Entry Requirements

Making a Budget: Part 1- Important Questions to Answer

Making a Budget: Part 2- Exact Vanlife Costs

Making a Budget: Part 3- Backpacking Costs for 1 Year

Documents & Paperwork for Longterm Travel

Top 5 Packing Tips

Apps to Use

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