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Remote Work/Work-stays/Other Options

If you only have $1,000 you can travel and live abroad for a month, or even a year.

There are TONS of options to work and/or volunteer while you travel.


Below I cover 2 options, remote work and work-stays, that I have experience with (see our own work-stay experience). Plus, other options you can explore on your own such as house sitting, teaching English, working on a farm, becoming an Au Pair, volunteering, etc.

Remote Work Options

There are TONS of remote work options out there especially if you have specific skills such as software development, online teaching, writing, customer service, etc. (source: FlexJobs Top 20 Remote Job Titles)


The ability to secure a truly global remote job is the tough part. Therefore, consider starting by working something out with your current company to transition your role to a fully remote role, or ask to take on a new role (even a lesser role) that has more flexibility.

If none of those are options, use the resources here to start looking for a new fully remote job or keep scrolling for more options!

My Go To Remote Only Job Boards

Job Search Advice

As a prior Recruiter, I suggest the following:

  • Set up automated searches to email you new postings each week

  • Customize your resume for each application

  • If you score an interview, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Remote Work Options

Work-Stay Options

A work-stay, also known as a work exchange, is an agreement wherein you agree to work a certain number of hours per week in exchange for accommodation and often food as well.

The amount of hours to be worked per week is negotiable (typically 3-5 hours/day, 5 days/week), as are the living arrangements and number of meals offered per day. Typically work-stays request workers to commit to 1-2 weeks minimum and often you can stay an entire season or months on end.

As with any job, the quality, flexibility, and offerings of work-stays vary greatly. Typically jobs include cleaning, cooking, working in the family's local shop/hostel with guests, etc.

 Sites for Work-stay Opportunities:

*Note: many of these sites allow both the hosts and the workers to leave reviews. Therefore, do not burn a host and leave unexpectedly because you will likely receive a bad review which could affect your ability to score more work-stays in the future. Plus, it's not nice... :)

*Depending on the # of meals offered, you could spend potentially $0/week while work-staying!

Other Options

There are also plenty of other opportunities which can help you travel for longer by either earning money in the location you're traveling, volunteering and not spending tons of money, or even switching homes with someone or pet sitting for them! I personally LOVE You can swap homes for FREE and there are homes posted all over the world!

Here are a few options: volunteer, teach English (or another language), house or pet sit, home exchange, join the Peace Corps, become an Au Pair, work on a farm, or yes, become a blogger/influencer.

However, unless you're already a successful blogger, please consider researching some of these other options as a back up if nothing else!

Our Experience

Leighton and I had an AMAZING Workaway experience working for a ski shop in Santiago, Chile for the months of June to August, 2019.


This workaway offered us a private room together, hot shower every day, free laundry, and 3 free meals/day + snacks! Plus, free rental gear for skiing and even free ski passes for the local slopes. We even got to go heli-skiing for FREE too!


Now, this is NOT the normal Workaway persay, but ones this good do do your research!

*Note: hosts that offer this many freebies do expect you to WORK. Free-loaders will be weeded out (and kicked out) please don't apply unless you're serious!

Our Experience Work Away
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