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Protect your travels from unnecessary stress...

Purchase health insurance

Health Insurance Options

See below for my recommendations on travel health insurance. These are entirely my own recommendations based on personal experience, word of mouth, and research. I am not paid for any of these recommendations.

*Every person and plan is different so you should read your ENTIRE policy fully.

Read ALL of the fine print BEFORE you purchase! Please.

For another resource comparing plans visit:

Nomadgate Article




*This is our current  travel insurance (we are not paid by IMG in any way...unless we file a claim!)


  • Coverage duration minimum of only 10 days up to 2 years

  • Lots of options up to $2,000,000 in coverage and includes medical evacuation, repatriation, and choice of deductibles and policy limits (includes some dental and eye)

  • Adventure Sports Rider add on for only $100-200 extra per year

  • Also offer an expatriate plan if you decide to live abroad beyond 2 years (see below)


  • 2 year max coverage

  • If you return to home country for incidental trip then policy is voided so only purchase in shorter increments if you'll be going home on and off (may increase price slightly)

Cost for myself at 30 years old (no adventure sports add on):

  • Low end: $232/year for $50K limit with $2500 deductible

  • High end: $661/year for $1,000,000 limit with $0 deductible (+ $126 extra for sports add on)

Safety Wing


*Straightforward, low cost option with less coverage than IMG but great for month to month subscription option


  • You can sign up on a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. This is unheard of in the insurance world so take advantage! Also have daily plans at still low prices for short trips.

  • Will even cover you in your home country for up to 30 days per 90 days of insurance

  • No deductible for many types of claims and deductible cap at $250/policy period up to 1 year

  • Also have Remote Health for long-term expats (see more info below


  • For US coverage option, price almost doubles per month

  • Coverage limit stops at $250,000

Cost for myself at 30 years old:

  • Low end: $37/month for $250,000 limit with $250 deductible 

  • High end: $68/month for $250,000 limit with $250 deductible INCLUDING travel in the US

World Nomads


*I actually do NOT suggest World Nomads. They are more expensive with less coverage than the other 2 above. Only reason I'm including it is because they are most recognizable name


  • Simply the most brand recognizable name when you search travel health insurance and read blogs (many bloggers are paid to promote them; nomadgate article above supports this fact)

  • Offer Explorer plan which includes extreme sports coverage, $10K trip interruption/cancellation


  • Much more expensive than above options for overall less comprehensive coverage

  • Can only get quote for 180 days at a time

  • Can only return to home country once

  • Explorer plan includes $35,000 rental car damage BUT does not include collision or theft and may not be accepted by rental car company anyway

Cost for myself at 30 years old:

  • Low end: $493.91 for 180 days up to $100,000 coverage (much lower than others) and $300,000 emergency evacuation

  • High end: $709.12 for 180 days up to $100,000 coverage and $500,000 evacuation

Expat Health Insurance (really long-term)

Browse other options on Google

*Make sure with these plans you focus on international AND home country coverage

Options from providers above:

  • IMG Global Medical Insurance plan: long-term, annually renewable, US-style major medical insurance plan with a $5,000,000 lifetime policy limit; lowest cost option $185/month incl US

  • Safety Wing Remote Health: primary health insurance for nomads, remote workers, and long-term travelers; including US coverage costs $263/month for $1,000,000 annual coverage

  • World Nomads does not offer long-term expat focused plans

Things to consider:

  • More comprehensive but more expensive over the long-term than the plans above

  • If traveling 2 years or less, likely better to purchase one of the travel plans above

  • If living abroad indefinitely, makes sense to purchase one of these plans (+ coverage for home country if not included already)


  • Expats living abroad can look into country specific health insurance offered by the country you're living in; makes sense if staying in 1 place a long time as may be much cheaper 

Expat Health Insurance
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