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Long-term traveler. Vanlifer. Backpacker. Saver. Work-stayer. Remote Worker.

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Hi, I'm Kasey. Over four years ago, I quit my cushy, six-figure sales job to move into a van that I bought and renovated with my boyfriend of 6 months with the goal of driving from Canada to Argentina over the course of a year.

I truly believe that the way to world peace and understanding is by traveling and learning about other cultures and I wanted to immerse myself in that experience.

18 months,15 countries, 7 major breakdowns, 5 ferries, and 3 transmissions later, we finally shipped our van back to Texas from Argentina where we threw our belongings into backpacks and flew to New Zealand followed by Southeast Asia to continue the journey.

We traveled mostly on savings, but also did a work-stay at a ski shop in Chile for 2 months. While we are no longer together as a couple, I am working remotely as a cofounder of an IT Recruiting firm and continuing the nomadic life myself!

During the past 4 years, I've answered TONS of questions from others on ALL aspects of long-term travel. So that's my goal with this website, share my knowledge on everything long-term travel and help you experience your long-term travel dreams!

My motto:

Make travel, make peace.

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Contact Me

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Link to Kasey's Myvanchef Pinterest page

Looking for easy recipes to make while traveling abroad or living the vanlife? Check out my pinterest page for tons of recipes curated by me all made in my van!

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