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Long-term traveler helping others

long-term travel

Kasey Hardin, Founder How to Long-term Travel in Bariloche, Argentina

Hi, I'm Kasey. I've been a nomad for 4 years, 2 years as a vanlifer, and I want to help you do the same!

Tons of people dream of long-term travel, but few do it. Many assume it's too daunting, too scary, too expensive, or just overall too unreachable.


Others are ready to hit the road, but simply don't know where to start planning. What to pack? What paperwork do I need?? How does healthcare work???


Long-term travel is a dream, but it's an affordable and attainable dream IF you plan ahead. So let's get started making that dream a reality!

Learn why I care about helping others travel:

BRAND NEW PODCAST! Listen to my journey on the Globetrotters Podcast Episode #20 Car Trouble from Canada to Argentina

Check out my YouTube Channel and Instagram for short 3-5 minute videos on all sorts of How to Long-term Travel topics!

Benefits of Long-term Travel vs. Vacation

Let's get started below 

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Time to Explore Properly

No need to feel rushed to see it all in one week! You have time to properly explore and take it all in at your own speed.

Flexibility to "Go with the flow"

No need to plan everything ahead of time or be stuck to an itinerary. Go with the flow and decide day by day what's best.

Comparitively Inexpensive

Long-term travel is often significantly cheaper than vacationing for the amount and quality of experiences you get in the long run.

Cultural Appreciation

Mingle with the locals, eat the food, experience holiday celebrations, and truly learn what it's like to live in a new place.

And after the above, turn your plans into reality...

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